Dear Delegates, Guests and Friends,

The European People’s Party has the pleasure to invite you to Malta on 29 and 30 March 2017 for two days of interesting debates, addresses and EPP family gatherings. The 2017 EPP Malta Congress will be co-hosted by our member party Partit Nazzjonalista and its leader Simon Busuttil.

When preparing for the future, one should be aware of the past. Europeans can be proud of the achievements of past decades. Even though Europe has gone through a series of crises in recent years, European integration has been a success story. But we cannot take this for granted, and we should draw lessons from our mistakes.

We intend to communicate the European project more clearly to our citizens. Only by constant exchange, and by obtaining results, we will be able to explain our vision, goals and actions.

We need to be the political force that provides answers to our citizens. Only then can we combat threats and insecurities. The EPP must shape a new balance between freedom, security and fairness. This and other questions will be addressed in our Congress document on the “Future of Europe”.

Joseph Paul & Antonio López-Istúriz

We must also address new challenges. Some have external origins: uncontrolled migration, terrorist attacks, wars in the Middle East, an aggressive Russia, economic and social consequences arising from globalisation. Others originate within the Union itself:an ageing population, populism, political extremism in some Member States and high unemployment in others. The EU needs to concentrate on policies with a true “European” added value, which Member States alone cannot provide. EPP values guide our political action and need to be defended by all of us together. Unity in diversity – this is our common vision.

The EPP Congress in Malta will focus its debates on foreign and security policies as well as on economic and digital realities.

We look forward to seeing you in Malta.


Joseph Daul
Antonio López-Istúriz
EPP Secretary General


Let us succeed together

On behalf of Partit Nazzjonalista, I am delighted to invite you to the European People’s Party Congress to be held on our beautiful island of Malta.

At Partit Nazzjonalista we are working very hard for this largest event of its kind ever to take place on our island. We shall host you in our conference and entertainment hub, and you will also experience our heritage in the cities our forefathers bequeathed us.

It is true that Europe is facing many challenges which few of us believed would arise until some time ago. But we are also its largest political family and we are called to show the vision and leadership to build a better future for Europeans.

Because politics is about people. It is time we put our heads together to pave a bright future for our fellowEuropeans. We can do this; we can succeed together.

In Malta we are very proud of our heritage, as you’ll see in March, but we’re also yearning for our future – a future that gives Europeans security, growth and quality of life in a Europe that is united, solid and strong.

I am very proud that our European People’s Party chose Malta for its 2017 Congress. I look forward to welcoming you on our island of eventful history and beckoning future.

Simon Busuttil
Leader, Partit Nazzjonalista